We know that young children can be very active and busy and their attention spans are very rapid that’s why we’ve put together a music programme specifically for the busy child in mind. The session includes counting and action songs with lots of different instruments to hold the attention of your child. We encourage all parent/carers to join in too as our children benefit greatly from this. The class is more physical and hands on so be prepared to have lots of fun with your child.

Early Learning
Tiny Twisters sessions has many links to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum) This is the curriculum that all nurseries & reception class will use to ensure children are progressing. Through our music sessions children’s language & communication is enhanced through repetition, and action songs. Group sessions also help to foster confidence, communication & social skills.


Children learn about early maths skills from the various counting songs, their knowledge & awareness about their world is enhanced greatly through the new experiences such as parachute play, costume and other props which may be introduced into their session.   


•          Counting Songs - developing numeracy skills
Physical Development

•          Movement, Dancing & Action Songs - develops physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills. Playing Instruments - developing co-ordination and rhythm. developing gross motor and loco-motor skills.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

•          Circle & Parachute Songs - working as a team, sharing turn taking with their peers. Feeling good in themselves taking part, laughing, smiling and developing happy emotions.


Understanding of the World

•          exploring new instruments, & new songs & finding our voices.

Expressive Art & Design

•     Children learn to express themselves through movement the tapping of the beat the swaying of their bodies to the rhythm of the music


Communication & Language

Songs and rhymes help speech development and language. Action songs and the repetition of the songs all help to aid this. 

Literacy Development
•  Music is a useful form of self-expression which can inspire participation, interaction and movement while also supporting the development of early literacy skills.

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